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View the 5th Grade Parent Information Slides Presentation here 
View the CVHS Incoming 9th Grade Presentation here 
Don't forget to register yourself for a Canvas Parent Account!  Here are some resources to help. 




Home Work Space - Find a quiet location with good light and a place to store study materials.  Keep materials in the same place so they are easy to find when needed.  It’s often best to have a set study time each day so completing homework and projects becomes a regular part of your after school schedule.  Take a break after an hour if needed, but keep it short. 
Notebooks and Folders - Ideally, keep a separate notebook for each class with separate sections for class notes/study guides, returned tests/quizzes, homework assignments to complete, and homework assignments to turn in.  Handouts should be placed in the appropriate section (i.e. class notes, homework, etc.).  Have additional paper available for class assignments and note taking.  If a notebook is used for more than one subject, separate subject dividers labeled with each subject should be used.  
Backpack - Only carry necessary notebooks and books to and from school.  If you have a class set of textbooks and don't need your textbooks at school, leave these at home for homework use. Keep small items such as pencils, erasers, calculators in a zippered pocket or plastic container for easy access.  Keep all loose papers in their appropriate folders for each subject.  Reorganize your backpack weekly to clear out unnecessary documents and place in their appropriate folders.

Guidance Department



Need help with your homework?
1.Paper tutoring is available online through Clever.

SCHOOL COUNSELOR: Kimberly Dittrich

 K-8 School Counselor                                  
Capistrano Unified School District has school counselors assigned to each site.  Here at Hankey, the school counselor works with K-8 students in the following areas:
  • Short Term Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Community Resource Referrals
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Social/emotional, Academic and College/career development
You may contact by calling the school office at (949) 234-5315 or emailing during the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  To learn more about our counseling program, visit the Counselor Corner by clicking on the link above.


Carl Hankey K-8 School Psychologist
The school psychologist is responsible for evaluating the needs of students in an educational setting and may perform psycho-educational assessments to determine appropriate programs and instructional processes to enable students to achieve maximum achievement and adjustment.  The school psychologist is part of the school's Student Study Team, which assists in understanding and seeking solutions to students' social, emotional, or academic problems and issues.
The School Psychologist provides direct support and interventions to students, consults with teachers, families and other school educators to improve support strategies and collaborates with community providers to coordinate needed services.  The mission of the school psychologist is to help students, families, and educators understand and resolve both long-term, chronic problems and short-term issues that students may face that may affect their academic success.
You can contact the school psychologist at: 949-234-5315
Q - What's the difference between Canvas and Parent Portal?
A - The parent portal should be used for the following:
  • Emergency contact information can be updated at any time
  • Real-time period-by-period attendance data
  • Medical information can be viewed and updated
  • The following can be viewed and printed at any time:
    • Report cards and unofficial transcripts
    • Test scores, including college test scores
    • Class schedules
    • Graduation status reports​
​      Canvas observers may be able to:
  • View current quarter course grades
  • Receive updates on assignments/announcements
  • Email teachers 


For the 2021-22 school year, we will once again be supporting families interested in participating in the CUSD Independent Physical Education (IPE) program.
This link takes interested student athletes to the form needed to formally apply for IPE in the 2021-22 school year. If you are currently an IPE student in the 2020-21 school year, you will not need to complete the form and will be automatically added to the IPE program for the 2021-22 school year., if you plan to compete and apply for IPE as a new IPE student, you will need to complete the linked form below. Please fill out the form and get it to your school site for approval as you prepare for the upcoming school year.


 The progress report is intended to inform parents about their child’s learning successes and to give guidance for improvement efforts when needed. Progress reports are sent at the midpoint of each quarter and do not go on the student's permanent record (transcript). Progress reports are only sent to students who are receiving a D or F mark, who have behavioral issues, who are in danger of failing a class or whose grade has dropped from and A or B to a C- grade. 


What type of information can I retrieve from the Capistrano Valley High School web site?
Answer: School registration dates, curriculum guide information, guidance news, e-mail addresses, your child’s Academic Advisor’s name, daily bulletin, athletics, special events, student grades, general information, etc.  Visit today at the CVHS website.
How will I keep track of my child’s progress?
Answer: Just like at Hankey, parents and students will create an account with Canvas. Canvas provides daily communication to the parent and student (both online and through daily email notifications) by showing current grades and assignments as well as missing assignments. By creating an account, you will have access to each teacher by email.
Do I have to create a CUSD Parent Portal Account?
Answer: Yes. A parent must have an account in order to complete the registration process at the high school.
How many credits does my child need to graduate?
Answer: 220 Credits (See the Curriculum Guide for credit distribution, course requirements, etc.)
Can my student take Honors courses?
Answer: Yes, we ask that they consult with their current 8th grade teachers for appropriate placement.
Can my child go into a higher level math?
Answer:  Incoming 9th graders are placed in a math class based on their score on the district placement test. The placement is based on test scores, grades and the final examination.
Can my student take Health during the summer?
Answer: Most 9th grade students take Health during their freshman year. However, students with an impacted schedule can choose to take Health during the summer.  Information on summer school is located on the district web site or you may contact your student’s 8th grade Academic Advisor for more information on the application process.
If my child is applying to another high school via a school choice, does he/she still need to complete registration at his/her home school?
Answer: Yes.  This will ensure your student is registered for classes at any school within CUSD.