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Spirit, Organization and Reflection (SOAR)


All students in middle school are assigned to a SOAR class and remain with the same SOAR teacher throughout their middle school career at Carl Hankey K-8 Academy.  SOAR classes are mixed with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and are approximately 20 students.  SOAR provides a setting that strives to meet the social and emotional needs of middle school students.  SOAR promotes activities that are designed to develop positive self esteem, improve study skills, better peer relationships and learn cooperative participation.  SOAR teachers also have time to monitor the academic and social progress of their students and meet with them individually. SOAR meets every morning with the exception of Wednesdays. Each SOAR team is named after college mascots to expose students to various universities.  SOAR classes engage in discussions, debates, team building and spirit celebrations.